Robert Kovacs

Software Engineer

Cluj, Romania

👋 I am a driven software engineer with over six years of experience in architecting, designing and implementing software for online businesses worldwide. Always eager to learn more, with an outside-the-box mindset that helps me find creative and cost-saving solutions to real-life problems.

My key skills:

❇️ Back-end:

  • • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Javascript/Typescript, Node.js, gRPC
  • • PostgreSQL, ActiveRecord
  • • Redis, Sidekiq
  • • Docker, Azure, Google Cloud

❇️ Front-end:

  • • Modern Javascript, Typescript
  • • React.js, Vue.js, Gatsby, Next.js
  • • GraphQL

🌍 Interested in remote work.

⚡️ Book a meeting if you think my expertise could help your organization!